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The AutoCycle is an auto-sorting trash can to sort between trash and recyclables. People do not really care and will put trash in the recycling bin or recyclables in the trash. Since the creation of the AutoCycle, this risk will be cut down because people will not have to make the active decision to recycle.

Plastic Bottles 

When plastic is not recycled, it typically ends up in landfills and eventually, the toxic chemicals are released from the plastic and contaminate the ground, the groundwater, drinking water supplies, rivers, and even the oceans.

Aluminum Cans 

The production of Aluminum cans can cause numerous environmental factors such as habitat loss, biodiversity loss, and erosion. These cans are 100% recyclable and if more of these cans are recycled, the production of aluminum cans will be cut down drastically.

Glass Bottles 

When someone fails to recycle glass, it can take 1 million years for the glass to decompose. Recycling glass bottles can reduce non-renewable fossil fuel use and reduce the emissions of process CO2 from the carbonate raw materials.

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